NEW! The Oak Tree And The Weed

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An acoustic trio performance of 15 brand new songs in front of a live audience.  Pull up a chair for songwriting in its purest form.
Track Listing:
1.  The Circle of Life
2.  Introductions
3.  Soft Place to Land
4.  Grownups Don’t Cry
5.  Golden Wedding Band
6.  I’ve Got it Good
7.  For the Folks Who Stole Our Van and Trailer
8.  Intro to Hand in Hand
9.  Hand in Hand
10.  Loretta
11.  Intro to the Hunt
12.  The Hunt
13.  Grandpa’s Song
14.  Name in Neon
15.  No Use Cryin’
16.  People Like Me
17.  The Oak Tree and the Weed
18.  The Secret
19.  Ride With Me